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Memorial created 04-8-2008 by
Pam Worth
Jamie M Vitello
October 22 1979 - April 28 2004

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10-21-2014 9:42 PM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From:  


  Sending lots of loving wishes to Heaven for your 35th Birthday tomorrow. We pray that you can always know and feel all the love being sent your way. Please send your mom a very special angel hug as she is missing you so very much.

  Happy Birthday beautiful Jamie!


Donna-Corey's Mom

10-21-2014 9:22 PM -- By: JoAnn Stewart,  From: Spring Hill, Fl  

Jamie tomorrow you would have been 35. My grand daughter Autumn shares the same birthday as you. Tomorrow she turns 3. What love you must have shared with your family and friends in the short time you were here. I have read all the tributes to you. Your spirit lives on! <3 Prayers for your loved ones left behind.

10-21-2014 8:30 PM -- By: Sally Bernard,  From: Toms River, NJ  

 Happy Birthday in Heaven Jamie -

I know Kim misses you!!!

10-21-2014 8:14 PM -- By: Jane Park,  From: Nutley, NJ  

So much love being shown here. May you all find peace.

10-21-2014 7:48 PM -- By: Barb Naftis,  From: New Port Richey  

Happy Birthday Jamie!

I just watched the video for the first time in a long time, and every time I watch I am simply amazed at what a blessed and loved young woman you will always be. Your Mom keeps your memory so alive, she loves you with every fiber of her being....but you know that already. Jamie, as always, watch over her and your family. Can't wait to meet you!

10-21-2014 6:25 PM -- By: Flo Frabizio,  From: West Long Branch, HJ  

Dear Jamie - Happy Birthday in heaven...I remember you from elementary school & your mom has done such a fabulous job with this memorial for you. Soar with the angels! 🐄🐄🐄❤️❤️❤ 5039;

10-21-2014 5:34 PM -- By: Terry Mautner,  From: Nutley, NJ  

I never had the chance to meet you but I know your Mom so I know that you are loved and missed.


10-07-2014 10:53 PM -- By: Paula,  From: Griffin  

Happy Birthday month Jamie.  I wish I had known you and your beautiful smile. Paula

05-03-2014 11:46 AM -- By: kim abbott (bernard),  From: toms river  

 Today is always bittersweet for me, its my birthday but also the day I stood in the rain for Jamie's service and funeral. I will always remember her. We miss you Jamie. 

05-01-2014 12:43 PM -- By: Serena ,  From:  

 Dear Jamie, I cannot believe it has been 10 years since you went to Heaven. I always think of you, and keep you close in my heart always. When I pray at night, I always that God for having you all up there doing His work to watch over us down here....you, my Grandma, my Dad, and all of my other loved ones up there....

Although I don't live near your mom or Michael anymore, I want you to know that I will always be there for them down here if they ever needed anything, and I will always love them dearly as I will ALWAYS love you....
The following is something I found a REALLY long time ago that has ALWAYS reminded me of you; I found a copy of it online to put here on your wall.....Love and miss you always, sweetheart..... 

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04-30-2014 5:58 PM -- By: Danielle Keens,  From: Howell  

Miss you Jamie!! Miss all those great times we had together! You are a wonderful friend!! Sending all my love to your family!! ❤️❤️❤️

04-29-2014 12:20 PM -- By: Brian Crammer ,  From: Howell  

04-29-2014 9:29 AM -- By: Danielle Musto,  From: Farmingdale Nj  

Miss and Love you Jamie. I carry you in my heart always. You were such a huge part of my childhood. Xoxoxoxox

04-29-2014 8:18 AM -- By: Nancy,  From:  

 Missing you always friend!

04-29-2014 12:52 AM -- By: Kathleen Connelly,  From:  

04-29-2014 12:26 AM -- By: Bette June Worth,  From: Manasquan, NJ  

 What a nice memorial and rememberance for Jamie!

I visited Jamie today -would not have realized the date of her passing.....Thank you for sharing and thank you for this nice rememberance of her .  She knows how lucky she is to have you Pam!

04-28-2014 11:22 PM -- By: Alanna Fitzpatrick,  From: Manalapan nj  

There will never be a friend that can replace you ever never I will be speechless forever and will never be able to 💔 place It back together how I feel I miss you Jamie until we meet🙏👼😇

04-28-2014 11:16 PM -- By: Alanna Fitzpatrick,  From: Manalapan  

04-28-2014 10:52 PM -- By: Lisa Porsche,  From:  

Jamie was like a sister to me for many years. We had some of the most fun and memorable times together. She holds a special place in my heart and I think of her often. Whenever I look at old photo's I always come across our FL album. That was one of the best trips ever! We enjoyed that trip so much and I treasure the memories we made. I will never forget our long car rides just jammin' to Bob Marley and our favorite Sublime CD! I remember when she got her shiny new red car. She loved that car... I only had a permit at the time but she trusted me enough to drive her baby. The list of experiences we shared goes on and on.  Dating brothers (how we met) tops the list because that in itself was an experience that would bring any two girls close. Truly though, I loved Jamie. My life was distant when Jamie got sick and I wasn't even aware of it for a while until one day I stopped by to say Hi and found out she was in the hospital. She was taken to soon and I wish I could have spent more time with her. I take solace in the fact that we shared some of the best times and those times live on in my memories forever!

04-28-2014 10:00 PM -- By: lisa dean,  From: plant city fl  

Ten years has gone by way to fast, you are surely missed Jamie, i wish i had the opportunity to meet you. I love your mom and I wish she never had this void in her life. Your life will always be cherished here on earth. 

04-28-2014 9:31 PM -- By: Lori Tancredi,  From: NJ  

God bless your beautiful Angel xoxo

04-28-2014 8:45 PM -- By: Anthony Susinno,  From: Farmingdale..  

 Anthony Susinno

04-28-2014 7:58 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Beautiful girl, taken too soon. (The name "mooma" made me take a 2nd look at this memorial, as my grandson calls me that.) God bless Jamie's family, and give them peace.

04-28-2014 6:31 PM -- By: Terry Grubby,  From:  

Jamie   you were very much loved by everyone, You will always be remembered.

04-28-2014 5:26 PM -- By: joy mcanuff,  From: neptune  

04-28-2014 4:13 PM -- By: Barb,  From:  


Although we have never met in person, I have enjoyed getting to know you through pictures and stories from your family. You are a beautiful young lady, taken way too soon. The brightest star in the sky could not match the brilliance in your infectious smile. Tonight as we celebrate your Angelversary, I hope you are looking down on us and know that you are loved and missed very much by so many, but none so much as your wonderful mother. One day Jamie, we will meet, I am sure of it. Until then beautiful girl, rest in peace and watch over Mom, Billy, and Mikey and everyone else whose lives you touched so magically.

04-28-2014 3:50 PM -- By: Suzanne ,  From:  

I can not beleive it has been 10 yrs.  At least we have this place to come and visit and see your beautiful smile. We all miss and love you xoxo

04-28-2014 3:09 PM -- By: Aimee,  From: F-dale  

 Jamie was one of the nicest but no bullshit person i ever met. This picture shows it perfect with the smile she always had. A lot of great memories (some in detention)  i know she missed by anyone who knew her. She was taken too soon but I feel God has a bigger plan for her. 

04-28-2014 2:12 PM -- By: Naomi,  From:  

 10 years ago tonite I was making up a Palates class in NAU. I looked at my cell phone and notice someone left a message. When i saw who it was my heart sank. When the class was done i went into the locker room and heard the message. It was Pam Stanford Worth letting me know that Jamie had died. I sunk down onto the bench and started to cry. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I can not believe it has been 10 years. I still sink down on a chair and cry when I think about how long it has been since I laughed and smiled with my friend. Please everyone you can beat Oral Cancer if you just go get check ups at least once a year from your dentist. If you do this the Dentist can catch it before it is two late. I miss you more today then I did 10 years ago. RIP Jamie. 

04-28-2014 2:02 PM -- By: Poo-Pa,  From: Port Richey, Fl  

 I got You flowers, as I do every year. It doesn't seem to be enough. But unlike the flowers that we'll toss in a few days, Your Spirit & My love for you is a 24/7 deal for me.

I Love You.


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