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Memorial created 04-8-2008 by
Pam Worth
Jamie M Vitello
October 22 1979 - April 28 2004

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04-09-2015 8:50 AM -- By: crystal criispii wardell,  From: nj  

 Sending lots of love and Prayers to you and your family...u were a beautiful soul and will forever be loved missed and thought of....love u Jamie mooma poopa and mikey

04-08-2015 6:00 PM -- By: Paula ,  From: Griffin GA  

Hard to believe that another year is about to close. Sorry that I never knew you when. You are in my prayers dear Jamie.

04-08-2015 5:17 PM -- By: Dianne,  From: God made me  

I never knew you on Earth, Jamie, but I will meet you on the other side!

10-24-2014 4:34 PM -- By: Gaileen,  From: Nutley  

 "When someone you love becomes a memory . . . The memory becomes a treasure."  Prayers for Jamie's family and loved ones as the precious memories are treasured and shared.

10-23-2014 12:59 AM -- By: William J. Worth,  From: New Port Richey Florida  

Happy Birthday To my Beautiful Sister.Love and miss you everyday.

10-23-2014 12:15 AM -- By: Suzanne,  From:  

Happy Birthday Jamie!! Hope you are celebrating big time!! Love and miss you xo

10-22-2014 11:09 PM -- By: Debbie Troisi Rosamilia,  From: Nutley  

Happy Birthday Jamie! I didn't know you but from all the love around you, and all the people that loved you, I know you were a special young woman. You are an angel watching over your family and friends.

10-22-2014 9:46 PM -- By: Terry,  From:  


10-22-2014 9:31 PM -- By: Uncle Jimmy,  From: Palm Harbor Florida  

 Hi my Jamie Girl. 10 years with Jesus. We should all be so blessed. Miss you every day and love you so much. Uncle Jimmy.

10-22-2014 8:38 PM -- By: Sandra Mack,  From: New Port Richey  

Well happy birthday Jamie! This is my third year visiting you. You are still so loved by your family and friends, I just know that if I knew you, I would love ya too. I am an animal lover as well. I don't have cows but I do have pigs. God bless you.

10-22-2014 8:18 PM -- By: Cheryl Proto,  From:  

 What a beautiful smile!! An angel always on your shoulder <3



10-22-2014 6:11 PM -- By: John Molendyk,  From: Farmingdale NJ  

She was my boss at Cumberland Farms when I worked there, and also the daughter of my freinds.  She will always be missed..but NEVER forgotten.  Miss you kiddo.

10-22-2014 2:06 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Happy Birthday Jamie! I remember the first time I saw you. It was at MMC. You were a feisty girl :) I do think of you many times a year. Not fair you were taken so soon.

10-22-2014 1:59 PM -- By: Michael vitello,  From: new port richey  

Happy birthday sis. I love and miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that im not thinking of you. You were taken from us way too soon. I know your in a better place, and no longer suffering. I have to tell myself that everyday. You may not be here physically, but you live on in my dailey memories and dreams.. you were and are the best sister anyone could of asked for. Today we celebrate your beautiful life that ended too soon. I love you so much.

10-22-2014 1:21 PM -- By: Crystel Bjerke,  From: Farmingdale NJ  

 Dear Pam, 

Being a mother myself, I can't imagine the heartache you must feel. Loosing such a vibrant beautiful daughter is almost more than anyone should bare. You are loved and appreciated for all you do. Today I celebrate the gift of knowing Jamie and calling her my friend.

Love you Pam


10-22-2014 12:39 PM -- By: Uncle Jimmy,  From: Palm Harbor Florida  

Happy Birthday to my Jamie Girl in Heaven. I miss you every day when I look at your Picture. Ten years is a long time away from your loved ones, but the promise of Eternity with Jesus will increase our Joy when we are together again forever. You are still holding my HEART and always will. Thank you Lord Jesus for your Love and Faithfulness. Till we meet again my sweet. XXXXXXOOOOOO. Uncle Jimmy.


10-22-2014 12:03 PM -- By: Poopa.,  From: Port Richey, Fl.  

Happy Birthday Jamie. I gotta thank Mom for posting "Into the Mystic" on facebook. My all time favorite, as you well know, it was OUR song. Screaming the chorus, head bobbing the riff. Laughing out loud, and not caring who heard us. I wanted to dance at Your wedding with that song. So, Chris, take a stroll with My baby girl-----Into the mystic. And until I get to dance with You again, Your always in My Heart.

10-22-2014 11:40 AM -- By: lorraine nugent,  From: toms river, nj  

Wishing Jamie a happy heavenly birthday...I only met her when she was a young little girl but her smile is unforgettable...I know she is smiling on everyone she knew and loved...what an amazing young woman...God Bless Jamie and always comfort her loved ones..

10-22-2014 11:18 AM -- By: Amber Morales (Cincis),  From:  

The wonderful memories I created with your family will always be close to my heart. Jamie was a ray of light, and her smile lit up any room. She had such a wondeful heart, you couldnt ask for a more loyal friend. Today we celebrate your life. And the happiness you have brought to everyones life. xoxo

10-22-2014 10:58 AM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Lansdale, Pa  

A Happy Birthday Jamie to you in heaven. I still have your very first picture in Joey's Memorial Book.

Say Hi to Joey for me,

Love, Terrie, xxxxxxx

10-22-2014 9:55 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Jamie, the love that surrounds you is awesome!  We didn't really know each other, but when I see your face, I see, too, the faces of many loved family members.  The connection is real.  Happy Birthday.  Love, Dixie

10-22-2014 9:43 AM -- By: Lisa Puleo,  From:  

 Sending love to a beautiful Angel, remembering your beautiful smile, please know you and Chris will never be forgotten. Happy Heavenly Birthday sweet Jamie <3

10-22-2014 6:34 AM -- By: Lisa Eldred,  From:  

 Happy Birthday Jamie!!! I'm sure all the angels are celebrating your life on earth. All was blessed and life was enriched with your spirit and love you brought. Hugs to all the angels too.

10-22-2014 1:58 AM -- By: Uncle Buddy,  From:  

Happy Birthday in Heaven Angel girl. Luv U

10-22-2014 1:52 AM -- By: Alanna Fitzpatrick,  From: Manalapan NJ  

Anything that anybody tries to do or say will never change what we had between us. I miss you more than words can say. My ❤️Is 💔and only you Jam will know and understand why. I been asking myself for the past 10 years why did this happen to me and also you but I believe in GOD and know that everything happens for a reason and God takes any 👼😇 at anytime that he wants so I told myself not to be selfish. We have shared so many good times and bad times together and I wouldn't change any of it for the world. If I could turn back time I would make it all different without your illness. Even when you were sick you still stayed strong and positive and never looked at the bad only the good and still wanted to keep up with the crew . I Love you Jamie and don't reveal to much at the heaven parties up there cause I know how you are aka mouth of the south lol keep me and my family in your 🙏like you been doing lol see you when I get there you better have my spot available also!👍😘😄

10-22-2014 1:15 AM -- By: Donna,  From: Henderson,NV  

Happy 35th Birthday "James" in Heaven. You are in my heart and thoughts everyday. I miss you so much. One of my favorite memories is when we went skiing in the Poconos.. We laughed so hard and had a great time. I remember all the good times we shared. I will always say that you are the daughter I never had. I Love you Jamie and you were taken to soon from us. I know you are my guardian Angel and watch over me all the time. Send my Love to everyone in Heaven..Miss you always Little Girl...💋💋😭💐

10-22-2014 1:12 AM -- By: Mooma,  From: From my broken heart,  

 Well today is a big one !  35. If only you were here so I could give you my biggest hug !  I think always of who you would've been. Would you be married? Would you have children? Would you be happy? The answers will never come. I know that God holds you in His arms and gives you His love. I just wish I could too. You are loved and missed, every second of every day that goes by. I wish you the happiest birthday in Heaven. 

10-21-2014 11:17 PM -- By: Frank Bogatay,  From: Pittsburgh, PA  

Jamie, I never had the pleasure of meeting you but your family's enduring love is a testament to what a wonderful person you were. May you forever remain at peace. Sincerely, Frank

10-21-2014 11:12 PM -- By: SarahJean Paradise,  From: Farmingdale  

10-21-2014 10:59 PM -- By: Evelyn Negron,  From: New Port Richey  

 Happy Birthday Jamie, you are never forgotten! As I said in the past, I never met you in person but I met you through your wonderful family!  You are loved and truly missed. Hope to meet you in heaven one day! 


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