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Memorial created 04-8-2008 by
Pam Worth
Jamie M Vitello
October 22 1979 - April 28 2004

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12-10-2009 6:29 PM -- By: Rose Thiessen,  From: NV  

I am so sorry. losing a child is a pain as parents we never should have to bear. My prayers are with you. It is so profoundly beautiful that you keep her memory alive. You are blessed with a beautiful daughter, for she's always with you.

12-05-2009 1:32 AM -- By: Cheryl Dawn Bayko,  From: Florida  

Beautiful Memorial.  What a lovely girl. I know Heaven must be a little brighter with Jamie there.  Her smile alone brings much JOY.  I am sorry that I didn't have the chance to meet her in person but if she is anything like her Mooma I know she is a special person.  May God continue to use you to bring Joy  and Hope to all who come to know you through this site and your Mooma. 

10-23-2009 12:30 PM -- By: Salena Kline,  From: Jackson, NJ  

May the light of love shine in your heart forever Jamie - you are missed!!

10-22-2009 4:28 PM -- By: Jennifer,  From:  

Happy Birthday Jamie! With each day that passes we miss you and love you more and more...you are always in our hearts and in our thoughts. We wish you were with us to celebrate your 30th birthday...Mike, Naomi, and myself will toast to you tonight, promise! We love you!

XoXo - Mike, Jennifer, Jace, Gianna, and Isabella


10-22-2009 4:00 PM -- By: M/M Bill Glavin,  From: Florida  

 Jamie:  Unfortunately, we never had the pleasure of meeting

you; however, we have spent time with your wonderful

mooma.  What a beautiful young woman and LOOK at that

smile!  God bless you, sweet lady......one day we will all meet!

10-22-2009 3:18 PM -- By: Uncle Jimmy,  From:  

Happy Birthday my beautiful baby girl. Unlce Jimmy misses you something terrible. I kiss your picture each and every morning when I open my Bible, knowing you are close to God and Me always. You are the love of all of my life  and I know Jesus is holding you in the palm of HIS hands. God loves you so much and how could HE not, since you are such a Love. Watch over us sweetheart and say Hi to Grandma & Grandpa and tell them how much I love them and miss them. Forever in Love, Uncle Jimmy.

10-22-2009 2:40 PM -- By: Aunt Gail,  From: New Jersey  

so hard to believe so much time has passed but your smiling face hasn't left our memories.. You will never age and always have a glow around you ... We will never forget you!!!!  how could we...

10-22-2009 11:30 AM -- By: Gregg Stropoli,  From: Howell NJ  

Bless you in heaven Jamie on your 30th birthday on Earth and in Heaven.  It's hard to understand why God needs you there and not with your earth family right now; but you live on in all of us.....you will never be forgotten.......Bless you dear

10-22-2009 10:56 AM -- By: Jaime Ross,  From: Ocala, FL  

I hope that Jamie is having a great birthday in heaven! Say hello to my dad Jamie, James Urban as it is his birthday too!

10-22-2009 10:40 AM -- By: Uncle Bill,  From: Tarpon Springs, Fl  

Here We are again,Jamie. Another year of missing You. But Your memories are as vivid as this morning, and are with Me every step of the way. Its difficult to say the least, but We have a lot of support & the Love of Your memory, more than makes up for the short time We are here. I Love & miss You terribly, My Angel. Happy Birthday.---U.B.

10-21-2009 8:57 PM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

Hi my sweetie,

Tommorrow would have been your 30th birthday.  Even though I miss you everyday, these special days are so much harder.  It's overwhelming, thinking that there will be no more celebrations with you.  You so loved your birthdays !!!  Well, I guess I'll have to wait till I get to Heaven to have a real party with you !!!  I know you were with us at Stephanie's wedding.  Wasn't Gianna so beautiful in her little flower girl gown!!!  I swear she is your clone !!!  Steph also remembered you on her special day.  She had a special table with pictures of loved ones who had passed & you were at the top of the tier !!!  It meant so much to me to know that your friends haven't forgotten you. Well, baby girl...You have a great birthday party with all your angel friends tommorrow & blow some sweet butterfly kisses my way.  When the wind brushes my cheek, I'll know it's you !  I love you, baby...& miss you so much..Happy 30th Birthday, Honey...

Love you always,


10-21-2009 8:58 AM -- By: Stephanie Grubby,  From: new jersey  

what a beautiful way to remember a beautiful girl... she is and will always be in my heart and i miss her terribly.

07-31-2009 4:16 AM -- By: Mooma,  From: My Heart  

Hi Baby Girl,

Just thinking of you, as always...Getting ready for bed...Rough night at work tonight...Just want to say I Love You so much & Miss you More than you know...You, and the fact that I am going home, as soon as the house is sold, to be with Mike,& the beautiful babies, Jace, Gianna, & Isabella, is what gets me through everyday....I've been so depressed lately...I just want to get home...I need to be near my family...You, Mike,& the kids, are all I think about...I want to be there on your birthday & Angelversary, to put flowers at your grave..Mikey can't deal with it...I want to be around the "Love"..I really miss that !!!  Soon, Sweetie...I'll be there soon !!!  I Love you sooo much...Watch over Mikey,& the kids...Give your strength to us all, to get through...

Love you so much & miss you, Baby Girl !!!


07-24-2009 5:36 PM -- By: Laural,  From:  



You  joined our support group and I wanted to say hi.  I also lost my son he is still my pride and was my joy.  I miss him so much.  I get very clingie to the support site and sometimes I have to do other things.  I am sure you will find comfort among the weary!!! 


When I saw your daughter 's photo all I could say is OMG why???  I lover her cheeky grin.  That is a smile I won't  soon forget.

Take care of yourself and know your angel is close by as much as she can be.


Laural/Jesse's Mom





07-24-2009 5:08 PM -- By: louise {Keren's mom],  From: Texas  

Welcome to grief support, I know your pain.

Your daughter Jamie is so beautiful

I am so sorry for your loss

05-10-2009 2:26 AM -- By: Jamie (Olsen) Reel,  From: MA  

Hi, Pam ~ Just wanted to wish all the Mom's in your family a Happy Mother's Day!!

04-29-2009 9:13 PM -- By: Donna Lombardi,  From: Henderson NV  

Hi James,

I can't believe it's been 5 yrs since the Lord took you home. I sure do miss you, but I'll never forget the special bond and love we had. Just to let you  know that Rob has a son now. His name is Brody Donald. Please keep a watch over him for me from up above. He is just too cute. I really miss you James and  I will always Love you forever and ever. I see your smile all the time and hear your laugh... I Love you little girl.....




04-28-2009 2:07 PM -- By: Vickey O'Neal Woodward (GP),  From: IL  

Ironically, I visited Jamie's site on this fifth memorial year of her leaving.  Jamie, may you be happy, Dear.  You are a lovely woman, loved and missed and well-remembered.  If you at all have the ability, send your family powerful and tender dreams.  Your love goes on, SweetChild, in the shared memories of your loved ones and in the similar faces of family.  V. O'Neal Woodward, Mom to angels David (SIDS at 14 days), Michelle (murdered by a drunk driver at age 14), & four wee ones who did not survive also


04-28-2009 2:37 AM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

Hi Baby Girl,

I can't believe you've been gone for 5 yrs already.  It still feels like yesterday, when I last kissed your sweet face.  I hope you know how much you are loved & missed everyday.  When I came home from work tonight, there were beautiful purple flowers on the table.  Uncle Bill said they were for you.  Even though we're not in NJ anymore, we still do things on your Birthday & Angelversary to remember your life.  We've decided to move back to NJ.  Florida is like living in Paradise, but what is Paradise without the ones you love close by.  Hopefully we'll sell the house soon & then we will all be together again.  I miss Mike & Jenn & the babies so much.  I miss going to the cemetary to "talk" to you & putting fresh flowers there.  Well, hopefully soon, we will be back home.  Put in a good word for us so that we can get back home quickly.  Happy 5th Angelversary in Heaven my sweetie.  I love you forever.


04-27-2009 10:41 PM -- By: Uncle Bill,  From: My Heart  


Another year without You. But I still see Your smile & hear Your voice every time I think of You. And that is every waking moment of every day. Today, on the eve of Your Anniversary, it is especially difficult. I Love You & Miss You so much.-------Uncle Bill.


04-03-2009 4:45 AM -- By: Mooma,  From: Tarpon Springs, Fl  

Hey Baby Girl...

Just to let you know...Not one day goes by that I don't think of you...I am saying "Happy Birthday to Luke"  You & Luke have October Birthdays & April Angelversaries...We will NEVER forget you...You are in my mind in every minute of everyday...Don't ever forget that !!!  I LOVE YOU SO & MISS  YOU SO MUCH !!!!  Give Luke a kiss for us on his birthday !!!  Have a great party with Jesus !!! Love you so much, Baby Girl !!!  Mooma

03-06-2009 11:57 AM -- By: Carol Ragsale,  From: Newnan, GA  

"Those we love are never more than a thought away - for as long as there are memories they will live on in our hearts forever".

Love & Peace

Carol *GP* Mom to Matthew Mullis

03-01-2009 1:02 AM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

See Jamie...I knew if I got you on my facebook...People would remember you...I hope that everyone who knew your name will write the memories of there times together with you !!!  Lindsay,Stephanie,Beth,Kim,Erin,Roshni,all of your friends....Even if I didn't remember them all...I hope they will REMEMBER YOU !!!  I hope they will write some memories here to you...You are in our hearts always !!!  If it takes my last breathe...I will continue to make your memories known... with the help of all of your friends...I hope that they will put pictures up here of you & your friends...

I Love You Baby Girl.....Miss You Forever........ Mooma

03-01-2009 12:24 AM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

Thanks Brian...

See Jamie...Putting you on Facebook reminds people of who you were...Your friends will put messages here to you....They will share stuff that you remembered with them !!!  REMINISCING !!!

02-23-2009 3:13 AM -- By: Brian Ambrose,  From: Puyallup WA.  

I dont know if you remember me. Our mothers were good friends when we were kiids. We spent alot of time at your familys place. Just wanted to stop in a show my support for your family. I will never forget you. God bless

02-15-2009 12:02 PM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

Happy Valentine's Day Baby !!!!!!!

02-14-2009 12:45 PM -- By: Jamie (Olsen) Reel,  From: Rockland, MA  

Just wanted to let you all know I'm thinking of you. Take care.

02-13-2009 3:35 PM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

Got you on my Facebook page...Now all your friends & family can see you & never forget you !!!!  Love you sweet baby girl !!!!


01-26-2009 10:37 AM -- By: Carol,  From: Newnan  

"The memory of our Angels is with us each & everyday. The love we feel within our hearts will never fade away ((hugs))"[o:)]

Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

01-26-2009 8:55 AM -- By: J.R. Shambaugh,  From: NJ  

Dear Jamie,

You are missed and thought of fondly every day. I will always remember that beautiful smile. May you be in peace and never forgotten.




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