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Memorial created 04-8-2008 by
Pam Worth
Jamie M Vitello
October 22 1979 - April 28 2004

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04-28-2011 12:23 PM -- By: Uncle Bill,  From: My Heart  

It's Your Angel-versary, the years mean little to those who Love You. Your Spirit is what moves Me forward. Everyday, every moment of everyday, You are in My thoughts, as You well know. Today We'll get You your Purple flowers & I'm going to dig out the model of Your Firebird & put in the trophy case, for My little "classiccargirl79".

I Love You, to pieces-------Uncle Dad.  

04-28-2011 1:15 AM -- By: Mooma,  From: My Heart  

Hi my sweetie,

7 years ago today, you got your wings.  You fought so hard, but I guess God saw how tired you were of fighting...When I look back, I realize that the life you knew, had ended the day of your surgery. You had to re-learn everything.  You did a heck of a job, but there still were those who were ignorant or just didn't want to try to understand your frustration, and that, I think, was the hardest part for you.  No matter how you tried to fit back into the life you knew..some idiot would make a comment and the despair would engulf you all over again.  I wish there was something I could have done to protect you from it all.  I know you are at peace now...Only good things and good people surround you.  The smile is always on your face now and no more tears or pain.  I love you so much & miss you everyday...Your smile is imbedded in my soul and that's what I see everyday when I look up to the sky, hoping to see your beautiful face in the clouds.  You have good friends and lots of family there to share the eternal happiness that you so deserve. I will see your beautiful face again when I'm called home.  I know you will be waiting for me...Until that day...Keep sending butterfly kisses on the soft breezes...I love you, baby girl...Sleep peacefully in the arms of God....

04-27-2011 7:24 PM -- By: Donna Lombardi,  From: Henderson, NV  

Hi James,

I can't believe it's been 7 yrs since God took you home. I still see you smiling and I hear your laugh. I miss you so much. I know you are looking out for all of us and you will always be my Angel. I have so many great memories of you & Michael and the boys. I think of you often, your picture is on my TV in a frame that says Best Friend and that will always be true. You know you are the Daughter I never had and you will always be my little girl.... I Love and Miss you so much Jamie..Until we meet again, Beautiful xoxoxoxo


04-27-2011 11:20 AM -- By: Paul Jones,  From: Lakewood, New Jersey  

04-27-2011 9:34 AM -- By: Timothy Shea,  From: Farmingdale  

Pam, this is a such a wonderful way to memorialize your daughter.  I can empathize with your loss as I lost my sister Katie on Christmas in 1999 to Leukemia.  I too spent those last months in a hospital bed in Manhattan.  I only knew Jamie for a short while, maybe 2 years while we went to elementary school together.  But you hit the nail on the head that she had the most memorable smile:)  I hope this message finds you healing more with the passing of each day, and finding smiles in the memories.  All the best.

04-27-2011 8:39 AM -- By: Cindy Getto,  From: New Jersey  

Hey Jamie,

I only met you when you were a little baby, but your Mom Is a very dear Friend of mine that I have known for almost an ente'rnity.....She surely loves you very much and I know you are her heavenly Angel......Keep us all in your heavenly prayers.......cause you already know God's special love for us all.......God Bless...ox   Cindy

04-27-2011 8:09 AM -- By: Matt Haber,  From: Howell  

As always remembering you and all Howell kids taken too soon, rest in peace Jamie.

04-27-2011 7:23 AM -- By: Nancy,  From: Delaware  

I can't believe it's been 7 years.  It's funny how often i tend to see Firebirds with a nice primer" paint job" on the road.  It ALWAYS makes me think of you.  I miss you friend, but i know you're in a beautiful place and i'm sure - the life of the big party in the sky.  The great memories will never fade and always make me smile.  Sometimes they even make me bust out in laughter.  You'll never be forgotten!

04-24-2011 10:16 PM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

I'm looking at your beautiful smile and still after almost 7 years, can't believe your gone...When I hear our song, I remember how it was "you & me against the world"  For 3 months we shared that hospital room at Memorial Sloan Kettering in your favorite town of Manhattan...I just wish it was for a fun time instead of all you had to endure....Amazing how you smiled through it all...This week is really tough...I miss you everyday, but this time of year is the hardest...Today I remembered past Easters with you & Mike, bright eyed on Easter morning, when you found your Easter Baskets...You were both so adorable...Today you celebrate the REAL meaning of Easter with the One who made it possible...Luv you my Easter Hunny Bunny !!!!  Miss you always<3<3<3

04-22-2011 3:02 PM -- By: Kristina,  From: farmingdale  

As these kids get bigger and bigger i wish everyday you could have known them. They would have been the most spoiled rotten kids in the world by their Aunt Jamie. So much love from all of us. Although we miss you here on earth I know in my heart you are the kids guardian angel

04-22-2011 10:06 AM -- By: Ivette Concepcion ,  From:  

I Can't believe 7 years have past. I still remember that smile .God walks with us . He scoops us up in His arms or simply sits with us in silent strength until we cannot avoid the awesome recognition that yes , even now , He is here .- Pam I would never forget your angel . God Bless you and your family love ya .. Ivette C

04-22-2011 12:18 AM -- By: amber morales,  From: new jersey  

 I knew jamie when we were crazy teenagers.... she taught me how to play spades, and i always had a smile on my face when we were together. She will always be missed and i think of her often... Jamie u were one of a kind and it was a pleasure knowing you... xoxo

04-21-2011 6:03 PM -- By: Loretta,  From: Iselin, NJ GSVSCC  

I still remember her smiling face at the club meeting and it still brings tears to my eyes.  Bless you Pam for making this beutiful memorial in memory of Jamie.

04-21-2011 2:31 PM -- By: Lisa Deaver,  From: New Jersey  

Pam - I cant believe 7 years already. I think about Jamie alot.  Miss you bunches.  Hugs to you all

04-21-2011 2:28 PM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

I'm doing it again, Baby Girl...Telling your story to everyone & hoping they will stop by to remember a memory or story or just to say "Hi"  I hope all of your friends will see it & come here to honor your memory...Love you & miss you more everyday !!!

04-21-2011 2:25 PM -- By: Lisa Anderson,  From:  

Pam, Jaime is the most beautiful Angel, and will always live on in your hearts. She had the most beautiful smile, and I remember her smiling brown eyes. Remembering Jaime, today and always. Love to you and your family. Love, Lisa xo

04-19-2011 11:56 AM -- By: Elizabeth ,  From:  

I can't believe another year has come and gone. There are something's in life that are just unforgettable from the moment you lay sight on them... Your smile  was one of them. Every time I think of you, I think of your smile and how it could light up an entire room, I hear you laugh and think about how contagious it was. you where just such an amazing person and friend. thank you for being you.

You may be gone from us but definitely NOT forgotten. You are all always in my heart. miss you  Elizabeth

04-19-2011 2:04 AM -- By: Alanna Fitzpatrick ,  From: Englishtown nj  

03-31-2011 7:32 AM -- By: sandy abey,  From: sri lanka  

 so sorry for your loss may god bless you all.

03-16-2011 12:17 PM -- By: ,  From:  

She is beautiful.  I am soooo sorry for her and your family to have gone through all that.  It must be pretty darn hard to see your child go through that.  I thought driving up on your child's death from a drunk driver was bad, but I feel fortunate now not having to of had to watch her go through.  It has been 11 years for me and I still remember my daughter all the time.  I still can see her face and hear her voice.  This is one thing they can't take from us.  I wish all your family more peace, she is beautiful and will never leave your heart.


hugs and love

Laurie Aurelius Downes

Mother of Christine Aurelius 15 1/2 years old forever. Peace

02-28-2011 2:03 PM -- By: Crystel Reitz (Costello),  From: Kingman AZ  

Dear Ms. Worth,

I don't know if you remember me I was good friends with Jamie, and Hawian from the 5th to the 7th grade. My mom and I moved into the apartment complex after my parents divorce.  I still remember sleepovers at your house when I was young. As well as going to a civil war reinactment your friend was in. You guys were there for me when my family life was less than ideal. I remember little Mike trying to hang out with us. So many years have passed since than and so many things have changed. I can't believe she is gone. I don't know what made me look for her today. I'm so sorry for your families loss. She will forever be in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for the memories and being a friend when i needed one the most.

01-11-2011 9:50 PM -- By: Carol,  From: NJ  

All my love to you and yours, I am going through breast cancer radiation at present. and yes CANCER SUCKS

12-23-2010 8:34 AM -- By: Gail Keller,  From: JBeach, Fl  

May god hold you in the palm of his hands forever and give you peace.

11-10-2010 10:24 AM -- By: Uncle Bill,  From: Tarpon Springs,Fl.  

Hi Jamie, Sadly, another Friend of Yours from Howel Hi School has entered Your Kingdom way too soon. Please guide Chris through His journey. I know You'll be there with Him.

And Jamie & Chris, watch over Lisa, this is not an easy time for Her. I know Her Faith is strong & We will help to get Her through, You Guy's can watch over Her & keep Her strong.

I miss You, Baby-------

11-10-2010 10:12 AM -- By: Mooma,  From: My Heart to yours  

Good Morning Baby Girl...

I didn't sleep well last night.  I know you had a blessed reunion with one of your most cherished childhood friends. Chris Breuche joined you Monday night. I know your hand was reaching out to welcome him into Heaven. My heart is broken for Lisa. I know that horrible emptiness and pain that she is feeling right now and I'm so far away from her. I just wish I could be there for her now, like she was there for me, when you left us too soon. It's breaking my heart that I can't be there to offer her some comfort.  Farmingdale & Howell have lost so many beautiful children in the past several years. I know that you & Chris are safe in God's Arms.  Please ask Him to watch over Lisa & her family and give her the strength that she will need so much now.  Show Chris how to send those soft sweet kisses to his mom...on a gentle breeze or with the butterfly landing close by, that you send to me, to remind me that your spirit is always with me.  Lisa needs that now. You are both God's special Angels, but we humans left behind, need the strength of God & our faith to get us from one day to the next without your physical presence nearby.  Give Chris a big hug from me & tell him to visit his mom in her dreams, to let her know he is safe & warm in God's loving arms.  I love & miss you so much sweet baby girl !!!

10-23-2010 9:04 PM -- By: Nora Zdatny,  From: Jackson, NJ  

Pam, just want you to know that I think of you and your family often.  I can't believe that Jamie has been gone 6 years already. 

My love goes to you and yours always



10-23-2010 3:33 PM -- By: suzanne,  From:  

Hey Jamie, I know I'm a day late but i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday from all of us...I can't wait for my kids to be old enough so they can come on this site and i can tell them all about you. I love you!!! Happy Birthday!!!! xoxoxoxo

10-23-2010 1:49 AM -- By: Uncle Jimmy,  From: Palm Harbor Florida  

My Jamie Girl. I see you every morning when I read my Bible and kiss your beautiful face. I miss you so. You are always on my mind. How are Grandma & Grandpa doing up there. I bet they are Dancing to Lawrence Welk music. I am still watching the show every Saturday night now for the past 50 years. I miss my Mom & Dad very much and think of them all the time as well. Please Give them a hug & kiss from Uncle Jimmy and tell them I love them so much, just as I Love you. Thank you for your Love and your special Smile that lights up a room. GOD is so blessed to have you with HIM. The next time you see HIM, tell him I love HIM too and thank HIM for all he does for Me and for keeping you all safe in HIS Love. You were always such a blessing in my life and I will always love you.... Uncle Jimmy..... XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

10-22-2010 8:02 PM -- By: Danielle,  From: Farmingdale, NJ  

Happy Birthday Jamie,

Remember the time we celebrated our bdays together. I miss you hun. I talk about you a lot too, and all our very crazy moments together. Lord knows we had a lot of fun.You are missed.  I am glad you had the chance to meet by daughter before you left us. I have a son now,  and I have been married for over 12 years. You would get along with my husband too, he is such a great guy. Our son is going to be and he has the biggest heart. I wish you could have met them both, but my husband was overseas when I was living back in Jersey. So there is a breif update on what is going on. Just know you are never forgotten and always thought of.

Miss you girl


10-22-2010 4:43 PM -- By: Cynthia Mangano,  From: Farmingdale  

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!! We had quite a few good times back in the day!! She was a crazy driver, lol and a wonderful friend, she will forever be loved and never forgotten and always missed!


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