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Memorial created 04-8-2008 by
Pam Worth
Jamie M Vitello
October 22 1979 - April 28 2004

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10-22-2012 1:34 AM -- By: heather snyder,  From: howell nj  

Happy Birthday in heaven jamie we miss you here but you are in a better and untouchable place where you will be forever young

10-22-2012 1:30 AM -- By: Mooma,  From: My Heart to yours  

 Hi Baby girl,

Well, another birthday in heaven...a few more friends have joined you...I hope we get alot of guestbook signings...seems to dwindle every year...but I'll NEVER forget !!!  Love you & Miss you everyday....


10-21-2012 9:45 PM -- By: Lisa, Dennis Jenifer and Corey,  From: Howell, NJ  

Beautiful Jamie, may you have a beautiful Birthday in Heaven, surrounded by those you love and who love you. With Chris and all the Angels taken too soon. We love you, pretty girl, and will never, ever forget you, your beautiful smile that could light up a room, beautiful eyes, and o  so sweet. Our hearts are with you and your family tomorrow and always. Please give Chris a hug for us, until we see you again<3

10-21-2012 8:34 PM -- By: Terry Grubby,  From:  


10-21-2012 12:10 PM -- By: Paula pavlosky,  From: Atlanta  

God Bless you and yours always and forever Amen

10-21-2012 11:20 AM -- By: Denise,  From: MOA  

Happy Heavenly Birthday Jamie.

10-21-2012 9:35 AM -- By: Aunt Deona,  From:  

 Hey pretty girl. I know you are in Heaven with a lot of people we all love, I always say this but your smile and twinkling eyes are etched in my mind and heart forever. Love you and miss you. Love Aunt Deona

10-21-2012 9:27 AM -- By: HEATHER CAPRAUN,  From: NEW JERSEY  

10-21-2012 2:19 AM -- By: WILLIAM J WORTH,  From: NEW PORT RICHEY FL  


10-20-2012 12:29 AM -- By: Darlene Smith,  From: New Port Richey, Fl  

Happy Birthday Jamie~I have never had the pleasure of meeting you but I know you are an awesome person from all  the wonderful things your Mom says about you and I know you are watching over her always!!


10-20-2012 12:24 AM -- By: chris allison,  From: port richey,fl  

Happy Birthday Precious Angel

10-18-2012 3:59 PM -- By: Rosalina silva ,  From: Belmar nj  

Hi Pam I love that you have been keeping her memory alive. So for the two of you HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY JAIME 👼💞🎂

10-18-2012 1:03 AM -- By: Mooma,  From:  

Hi Baby girl

Well, lets see who remembers this year...I started the facebook posts for your birthday...33...Wow I'm old !!!Looks like you have another friend to celebrate with this year. Tell Johnny to watch over his mom & send her signs...She's having a rough time. Love you Baby !!! Miss you every single day !!!

Love, Mooma

10-17-2012 8:13 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Lansdale Pa  

Dear Pam, I am one of the few people that still write in the memorial book.

I wish Jamie a very Happy Birthday with Love, Terrie & Joey xxxxxxx

09-04-2012 12:42 PM -- By: Mooma,  From: My Heart to yours  

I saw your beautiful face in the clouds yesterday....I KNOW that was your way of saying "Happy Birthday" to me...I LOVE you so much & MISS you more everyday !!!!! Thanks for remembering my birthday !!!!

08-09-2012 8:06 PM -- By: Marion,  From: Arkansas  



Dear Pam,
We know the grief that you feel all too well. My husband lost his son almost three years ago, from a disease called addiction. At the age of 32 he had spent 19 years addicted to drugs. There were many rehabs, many people to help but in the end he is at peace.
A parent is never supposed to see their child die; we are supposed to die before them. After the tears dry (They never really do) we are left with memories of the good days and the healing. Your memorial is beautiful and Jamie, I am sure, knows your grief and would want you to also remember the good times. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to do to help with the healing; it gives a purpose to Jamie’s life and yours.
“Love leaves a memory no one can steal."
Peace be with you always,

07-15-2012 7:00 PM -- By: Lila Hegeman ,,  From: Brick  

beautiful memories , beautiful child.i have Jamie and Mikie in my album and in my heart forever, lost track of you , wish we'd kept in touch. Think of Jamie all the time. So many beautiful babes in your lives, i am blessed by 3 of my own. God doesen't leave us comfortless, i am still in the old house . love to all wicked stepmother Lilaq7

05-21-2012 9:17 PM -- By: Karen Zitzow-Montenegro,  From: Mothers of Angels, Brick, NJ  

A beautiful page for a beautiful girl.....oh what a smile!  She will always be a part of our angel group! 

05-21-2012 9:18 AM -- By: Nick ross,  From: Farmingdale  

 ill always remember jaime as a 

cool ass girl who was always ready to have some fun. 

05-16-2012 12:11 AM -- By: Jennifer Gurewicz,  From: New Port Richey, FL  

 Thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!!

05-12-2012 10:57 PM -- By: Mooma,  From: My Heart to yours  

 Tomorrow is Mothers Day...I remember the day I became a mother....The day you were born...I loved you then and I love you now...I will love you forever...Tomorrow will be bittersweet without you...I would love for you to visit me in my dreams tonight for Mothers Day....

05-06-2012 7:13 PM -- By: Nancy Turanicza,  From: Jackson, NJ  

A beautiful tribute to a stunning and brave young lady.  We are all inspired by her life.  God Bless this precious angel.

04-30-2012 11:15 PM -- By: Chris Allison,  From: Port Richey  

 Hi there to the sweetest little angel....May God hold you safe in his arms for always! 

04-30-2012 8:41 PM -- By: Cindy Getto,  From: I'm Pam's Friend...  

Just wanted to let your family know that I think about the loss of your Beautiful Daughter Jamie and I know how much you love her and miss her everyday....I didn't know Jamie but , I do know Pam and Jamie was a very lucky girl to have you as her Mom....God Bless and Lot's of Love, Cindy...xo


04-29-2012 1:17 PM -- By: Uncle Jimmy,  From: Palm Harbor Florida  

Jamie my Love. I can't believe it has been 8 years since you went home to Our Lord Jesus Christ. I see you everyday when I open my Bible, and see your smiling face. We miss you very much every day and know you are watching over us with Grandma & Grandpa. Life is so short & everyday with Love in Our Hearts brings us all one day closer to Our Lord. God bless you my sweet girl until we meet again at Heavens Gate. Love forever. Uncle Jimmy.

04-28-2012 11:11 PM -- By: Suzanne,  From: Branchburg  

Hey Jamie!!! Getting ready to go to bed been thinking about u all day!! Can't believe it's been 8 yrs! Was looking through my bridesmaids photo book which u have pages in! Such a beautiful pic of me holding u as a baby!! Miss and love u!!!

04-28-2012 10:44 PM -- By: Francine Ferrante,  From: Toms river, NJ  

Such a beautiful girl Jamie is.... And her smile just radiates with love... Bless you sweet angel, you are missed and loved dearly by so many who love you so. You will always be loved and remembered <3 <3xoxo

04-28-2012 10:19 PM -- By: Elizabeth Jones Hurst,  From: Farmingdale, NJ  

I can't believe today is 8yr... I miss you so much...I think always of your smile and how it could light up an entire room, I hear still your laugh and think about the amazing person, friend an baby sister your where to me and I I always thank GOD that I had you in my life for the time I did... thank you for being you.
You may be gone from us but definitely NOT forgotten. You are all always in my heart. RIP Jamie

04-28-2012 5:07 PM -- By: Sarah Jean Paradise,  From: Farmingdale  

Thinking of you and how you would love all these little kiddies and they sure would love you..Aunt Jamie.  You are thought about and talked of quite often with your little nephew who is not so little anymore.

04-28-2012 11:03 AM -- By: Phyllis Ruela,  From: Brick, NJ formerly from Howell, NJ  

Your always in our hearts & prayers.  with love The Ruela's Phyllis, Jason & Stephen  -------God Bless you Jamie & your Family











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